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Coconut Rum

How To Use Coconut Rum In Drinks and Recipes

Do you like flavored spirits? A popular drink at many parties is the classic rum and coke. But you can give this classic drink a twist by adding a flavored spirit like coconut rum. It will give your favorite drink a delicious tropical taste. By adding coconut rum instead of plain rum to your coke, your mind can be transported to a warm, tropical place.


Coconut rum was first made from fruit liqueurs that were flavored with rum and coconut. When it was first introduced many bartenders would use it as a way to make Piña Coladas easier. Today coconut rum is made from white rum that is flavored with coconut extract or infused with coconut. White rum has some sweetness to it and the coconut combines with its flavors perfectly. There are many different fruits that people use to flavor rum, but coconut is a popular flavor.


Coconut rum is great for mixing into cocktails, but can also add delicious flavor to many desserts. Cake is a popular dessert that people often add coconut rum to, in order to add flavoring. A great recipe to try adding coconut rum to is yellow cake. While the cake is still warm, make some small holes in the top, and pour in a mixture of brown sugar and rum to soak into the cake.


It is easy to make a prefect coconut rum and cola drink for your next party. The special twist will give your guests a feeling of being in a tropical place. All you need is coconut rum, cola, ice, and a glass. Pour about 2 ounces of coconut rum into a glass filled with ice, then fill the glass the rest of the way with coke. If you want to add extra flavors try using a coke that is flavored with vanilla or cherry.

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