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Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Rum - A brand known around the world

Bacardi Rum is a family-owned company the manufactures different kinds of alcoholic beverages, best known for their famous rum, including their “Bacardi Superior” and “Bacardi 151”, the Bacardi company sells over 200 million bottles each year in nearly 100 different countries.

Distillation process

Rum is a beverage made from different by-products of sugarcane known as molasses or sugarcane juice which is processed by fermentation and distillation. After distillation the clear liquid is then aged in oak and other types of barrels. The larger part of the worlds production of of rum takes place in and around the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Bacardi 151 is described as an over-proof rum, a type of rum with a much higher alcohol level than the usual 40%, in fact, Bacardi 151 has an alcohol by volume level of 75.5% (proof 151).

Flaming cocktails

The beverage is popular in different flaming cocktails such as the flaming B-52: B-52 description and preparation: The flaming B-52 is a layered cocktail shot composed of coffee liqueur, such as Tia Maria or Kahlúa, Baileys, and Grand Marnier, however none of these spirits are very flammable so a layer of dark, over-proof rum, such as Bacardi 151, is usually added on the top. The ingredients of the shot when poured correctly are layered inside the glass and then the top layer is lit on fire and should then be drunk quickly through a straw to avoid overheating of the glass.


Bacardi Superior is a more standard rum with an alcohol content of 40% in the US and 37.5% in the UK and continental Europe. It is a colorless, easy flowing,has a thin body, and is mostly used for cocktails where a white rum is needed such as the Cuba Libre (AKA Rum and Coke), Daiquiri, Piña colada, and the Bacardi Cocktail.

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