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How to Make your Cocktails Tropical with Bacardi Coco

If you are looking for flavored rum that you can use to create variety in your cocktails with Bacardi Coco will help you to give a little tropical flavor to many cocktails at your bar. Bacardi Coco rum is made with all natural flavors and is an enjoyable drink that can be used for both baking and drinking.


To make Bacardi Coco, the producers steep the coconut in order for the flavors to be released. They then filter the rum to get the clean spirit that has the rich aromas and tastes of the coconut that are surprisingly fresh. Bacardi has become known as an expert in the industry with their flavored rums and the processes that they use to create them. The Bacardi Coco is just another addition to their great tasting line of rums.

Rum cake -a popular dessert


A popular dessert, rum cake is not complete without its main ingredient of rum. You can try substituting the Bacardi Coco for regular rum to give the cake a coconut flavor and add something fun to your dessert. The Bacardi Coco can add just the right amount of flavor to the cake to give it a little twist. The rum is also a good way to add a tropical flavor to your favorite drinks.


At your next summer party, or any party, try adding Bacardi Coco to orange juice or use it to make pina coladas for your guests to enjoy. The flavor of the coconut in this Bacardi rum is not overpowering or sweet and will give you the feeling of being someplace tropical and warm.

80-proof and comes with a kick


Bacardi Coco is an 80-proof rum, so it is still a strong liquor and will add a kick to your cocktails, even though it is flavored. Some people are against adding flavored liquors to their cocktails because of the lower proof, but not with this Bacardi rum. You still get the quality from Bacardi that you expect from all of their rums. Try mixing an ounce of the Bacardi Coco in a cocktail that includes an ounce of Chambord, a splash of Grenadine, a splash of orange juice, and pineapple juice for a yummy cocktail that your party guests will love.

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