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General Information Pertaining To Dark Rum

Perhaps one of the most popular drinks in the world that can be purchased by anyone seeking a high class beverage at a lower price is dark rum. While many people associate the dark color with a more primitive blend of ingredients, the truth is in fact quite contrary to that belief. Dark rum can come from two different methods of preparation; however both begin in a giant fermentation pot.


The first process, through which dark rum is created, is through stirring the pot continuously for a period of approximately 12 days until it has reached its desired form. After that however, it is infused with a variety of different flavors such as chocolate, caramel, vanilla, spices, etc. to give it the flavorings it needs to emerge from its aging process a top-notch beverage. Dark rum is held in sturdy oak barrels that have been charred in order to prevent seepage, and also to add a musky hint of flavoring to the mix. After approximately 6 years or so, the rum is removed from the barrel and spiced one final time before it hits the shelves of our stores in various different bottles.


The second process involves immediate fermentation, usually within 24 hours, addition of the spices, and then being stored in the barrels for the same period of time as the first method. However, since the preparation time has been reduced significantly, it is known to be quite a bit sweeter and remove some of the musk gained during the 12 day initial brew.

Dark rum tends to be sweeter than light or brown rum, partially due to the time period in which it is held in barrels, the other portion is due to the spices and seasonings that are added before storage, as they are able to spend several years mixing with the contents.

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