Bar Equipment

Smooth drinks and delicate decorations, the secret lies in the tools of the trade. Check out our extensive guide to the do's and dont's of bartending hardware.


Even the best of drinks fail to impress without a proper dress code. Join us as we take a look inside the crystal wardrobe of a professional bartender.

Types of drink

There are drinks for just about every occasion, we help you pick your poison as we take a stroll from coolers 'n shooters to sours 'n virgins.

Spills, breakage and handling

A neat profit starts with a tidy bar. Learn to keep your establishment spotless and your customers happy.

Basic training

Before drinks are set aflame and bottles take flight, you need to learn the ropes through some basic training. Follow us back to school as we go through the basics in our bartending boot camp.


The final touch in bartending is much more art than science. Keep your spirits high as we venture through the fruity renaissance of dashing drink decorations and glossy glass garnish.


In between strainers, call-drinks and syllabubs, bartending lingo can be quite bewildering indeed. Get up-to-snuff with our Encyclopedia Alcoholica.


The worlds finest ingredients all amount to nothing if not properly measured. Use our handy conversion table to help you make sense of jigger's and methuselah's.

Tips for the cocktailparty

Throwing a successful party amounts to much more than loud music and plenty of pretzels. Learn the proper etiquette of hosting with style, your guests will thank you for it.