Barschool - Bar Equipment
The average modern bartender use a plethora of different utensils and equipment for preparation and maintenance. We will guide you through the plentiful, and sometimes unfamiliar, tools of the trade. With the proper equipment at hand, you are ready for any situation. And remember, buying quality always pays in the long run.

Can Opener

Extremely self-explanatory tool, useful for opening cans of fruit or syrup etc. Remember to always clean it after each use!.

Cork screw

For opening wine and champagne bottles.


For cleaning and polishing of surfaces and equipment. Don't drench your cloth as that will only shorten it's lifespan and make things more sloppy, lightly dampen it before use. Change, or if you use microfibre, wash your cloths regularly!

Cutting Board

For the cutting and slicing of fruit, vegetables and other garnishes. Wooden cutting boards tend to be slightly absorbent even when frequently oiled, which often leads to unwanted bacteria. Therefore, stick to the more hygienic laminated, plastic or ceramic cutting boards. Clean regularly!

Bar Towels

Use cotton towels of high quality. Cheaper, untreated, non pre-washed towels often leave a trail of lint, dust or threads on wiped surfaces. Always keep the towel at hand, preferably attached to your waist so that you can easily tidy up or polish surfaces at any given moment. Wash regularly!

Bottle Opener

For opening screw (cap) top bottles.

Cocktail Shaker

There are alot of different types of cocktail shakers. The most common ones are The Boston shaker (which is mostly used by bartenders) and the Manhattan shaker (which is mostly used in home bars). Choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with. And remember this when you shake: use alot of ice and shake until the outside of the shaker gets frosty, then the cocktail is truly finished.

Bottle Sealers

To seal bottles that have been opened and hasn't been emptied. A great way to keep the liquid inside an opened bottle stay fresh longer.

Electric Blender

Not a necessity in the home bar but still a good tool to have. Blenders are great for mixing drinks that uses ice cream, fruit or crushed ice. How else would you make a frozen margarita?


Used to create different kinds of zests for drinks. Example uses are Orange zest, lemon zest and grated nutmeg.

Ice Bucket

Keeps the ice from melting for a longer time. Also used to chill Champagne bottles.

Ice Tongs and Scoops

A needful item in any bar. You should never handle ice without a tong or a scoop since it is considering bad hygiene using your hands to fill a glass with ice. Also remember to NEVER use your glass to scoop ice. The reason for this is that the glass can break or chip and you might end up with glass blended with ice.


A tool used to measure liquor. Typically a jigger holds 1.5oz (about 4.4 cl). Beware though that jiggers might come in different sizes so not all of them holds 1.5oz.

Juice Squeezer/Extractor

Instead of squeezing juice by hand a juice squeezer is prefered. The reason is not only better hygiene but it's also more economical since you'll getting more juice out of every fruit from using a tool like this.

Bar Spoon

A typical bar spoon comes with a long handle. Sometimes it also have a muddler on the other end which make it a great tool to have whether you want to muddle a drink or layer a shooter.

Measuring Cups

A great tool for the beginner to measure how much of each ingredient you need for different cocktails and drinks.

Mixing Glass

This is mostly used for drinks which require you to mix it with a bar spoon instead of shaking it. It's also commonly used together with a boston shaker.

Sharp Knife

An absolute neccessity in any bar to cut fruit to use as garnish. Without a sharp knife your life as a bartender will be much tougher.


A Strainer is commonly used together with a Boston Shaker to make sure ice and pits, from different kinds of fruit, stay out of the drinks you are making.