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Finding the best cold appetizers for your party can be quite challenging. Especially since the recipe range is pretty limited compared to hot appetizers

The Best Cold Appetizers for Any Party

An ice luge or liquor luge can add a very cool touch to any party. It’s essentially a...

Party DIY  How to Make a Liquor Luge at Home

Planning the best bachelor party requires proper organization and careful planning, but the time and effort in doing so will make sure that the results will be...

Party like a Rockstar with this Bachelor Party Checklist

Rum – distilled by slaves, guzzled by buccaneers, and swigged by planters with a sprinkle of sugar and lime. It is the Caribbean's most celebrated drink that can give a ...

All Time Favorite Rum Cocktail Recipes

It is the holiday season, so what are we all doing? We are living it up! The holidays invoke a feeling in most of us that is something like an allowance. It is a time to ...

Drink Up Now, New Years Is Right Around The Corner
The holidays are here again and we all know what that means, lots and lots of holiday parties. What goes hand in hand with parties is drinks.
Flavored Spirits To Spruce Up Your Holiday Drink

We’ve all had that feeling, the one where you wake up the morning after. You know how it goes, you pop that one eye open, the one that barely has ...

Holiday Cheers Not So Cheery The Day After

Wine tasting for beginners is an important aspect to learning about wines in general. Without tasting them, you won’t be able to truly understand the meaning behind finishing notes or to understand what makes a red wine different from a white wine.

Wine Tasting for Beginners