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The Best Cold Appetizers for Any Party

Finding the best cold appetizers for your party can be quite challenging. Especially since the recipe range is pretty limited compared to hot appetizers. Here are 5 of the best cold appetizers which are both fast and easy to make.


Melon Balls

Melon balls are quick and simple cold appetizers that you can make with one or a couple of melons along with a curved spoon or melon baller. If you want to create a greater variety and a more appealing appetizer, you may use several types of melons. For the procedure, just slice the melon in half and scoop out ball-shaped servings of different sizes using your melon baller or curved spoon. Serve the scooped melon balls on a decorative plate and add some milk for extra zest or ice to keep it cool.


Ham & Cheese Kebabs

For this delectable appetizer, shop for the following ingredients: 3” skewers or toothpicks, sliced ham, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and olives. Cut the cheddar cheese into small cubes and lay it on the ham, smear with some cream cheese and roll the ham into a tube. Slice the rolled mix into 3 or 4 pieces and secure with the skewer or toothpick and add an olive on one end and serve.


Deviled Eggs

This recipe is a favorite cold appetizer recipe for many party hosts because it is inexpensive, delicious, and very easy to make. All you need are a dozen eggs, a jar of mayonnaise or choice of salad dressing, paprika, mustard, along with salt and pepper to taste. Just hard boil the eggs and cut them in half, take out the solid yolks, and put them in a bowl. Add the mayonnaise to the yolks and mix until smooth, then add mustard, salt, and pepper to taste. Put your combined ingredients in an icing bag (or one with an open corner) for piping the mixture back into the egg whites, add a dash of paprika, and your deviled eggs are good to go.


Cheese Ball and Crackers

Simple and appetizing, this cold appetizer can be found readily made at leading grocery delis. If not, you may look up a cheeseball recipe online and make some at home. After purchasing your cheese balls or making them at home, simply pair them with your choice of crackers and serve on a decorative platter.


Vegetable Platter

Veggie platters are sure hits to any parties for anyone, meat-lover or vegan. Just shop for your choice of veggies which are edible without cooking such as carrots, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and lettuce, arrange them on a platter, then make one or two dips to enjoy. Now you have a cold appetizer that serves as a healthier option and easy to make.

With the relative ease of gathering the above ingredients and making the simple yet delicious cold appetizers, you can also make a number of variations that are yummy and easily accessible for any party. Serve up and enjoy!

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