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Brugals Extra Viejo Rum

What is Brugal’s Extra Viejo Rum?

Rum is a popular spirit that is native to the Dominican Republic. Brugal is one of the better-known producers of rum in the country. In 2009, the company just began to export rums to the United States, which are aged for up to 8 years. Brugal’s Extra Viejo rum is the color of dark cherrywood, and comes in a signature bottle that is covered with the signature gold netting of Brugal distilleries.


There are two different types of rums that are offered by Brugal. When you are at the liquor store, buying your rum, be sure that you look at the bottle carefully. Brugal creates both an Anejo rum and the Extra Viejo rum, and the packaging on both looks very similar. Though they are both rums, the Extra Viejo is much thicker and the legs of this spirit move very slowly down the sides of a glass.

The scent of the Brugal Rum


The scent of this spirit will give you hints of vanilla, cocoa, and leather. The scents that you will find, once the liquor opens up more, will remind you of the scent of oak. You will find, when the drink is first poured, that the scents of the spirit will be much warmer than the cooler noted scents at the end, once the spirit opens up. You can compare the experience, of this drink opening up, to walking from a sunny spot into a shade covered area.


You will find that the thickness and texture of Brugal’s Extra Viejo may sometimes overpower the delicious flavor, because of its thick and heavy body. The actual thickness of the rum is very close to being the same consistency as syrup. Many people would like for this rum to be even thicker or a little lighter, because it is at a point in-between the two that is not perfect. Those that feel this way will add water or ice to the rum, to make it a little thinner, unless they are having the rum mixed into a cocktail. Brugal’s is the perfect rum for a top shelf rum and coke cocktail.

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