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How to Make a Mai Tia with Jamaica Rum

A popular cocktail that has become known for being a tropical drink that will remind people of sunsets on the beach and warm destinations is the Mai Tai. The basic recipe for the cocktail is a combination of Jamaica rum, lime juice, and some other ingredients. There are many different versions of the cocktail, but the original recipe that you can order in tropical locations such as Hawaii will be forever marked in your mind once you try it.


There are many debates on who actually created the first Mai Tai and where it was actually created. The name who you will often hear associated with the Mai Tai is Vic Bergeron, of Trader Vic’s. He claimed that he first created this popular drink and that others were trying to take the credit for it. Vic Bergeron owned restaurants in California and wrote in detail about how he created the Mai Tai in 1947. His original recipe included Jamaica rum, fresh lime juice, orange Curacao, rock candy syrup, and French orgeat.


Now you can find the Mai Tai as a popular drink on almost every cocktail menu in Hawaii. The real version is not usually found, but instead many different variations based on which restaurant or establishment you are drinking at. It is a very popular drink mainly with the tourists who visit the islands.


Many people may find that they are disappointed with the actual drink that they receive because so many places use rums that are of poor quality and other types of juices that are not right for the recipe. If the correct ingredients are not used, then it really cannot be called a Mai Tai. The key to making a good Mai Tai is to use a good Jamaican rum that has been aged for at least 8 years and up to 15 years. The additional ingredients that are used in the Mai Tai should not over power the flavor of the rum.


There are many different glasses that can be used to serve a Mai Tai. Many come in large glasses and souvenir glasses that the people can take home with them. The price will be different based on the ingredients that the restaurant or bar uses and how big the glasses are.

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