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Rum Spiced

What is Spiced Rum?

Spiced rum is a type of rum that is at least 40 percent alcohol and has a special flavoring of spice and caramel added to it. It tends to be darker colored rum and will range from a dark brown to a golden color depending on the price of the rum and brand that you chose.  Spiced rum is often thought of an exotic spirit that will give a special flavor of the tropics to many cocktails. Available worldwide, it is a very popular type of rum.


The spices that are often found in this type of rum come from different sources such as dried fruits, roots, or leaves of edible flowers. The spices are known for adding a thrill and spiciness in taste to sweet liquors. Originally the spiced liquors were created to help cure many different illnesses before modern medicines were created. From these original spiced spirits that were thought to heal people, came the evolution of the type of liquors better known today as bitters.


The most popular spices that are used today in spiced rums are ginger, vanilla, all spice, and cinnamon or cloves. You may also find many flavored spiced rums that add exotic fruit flavorings to add to the tropical feels of the rum. The different flavors you may come across are coconut, mango, pineapple, and banana.


A delicious drink that you can try that uses spiced rum as a main ingredient is a twist on the classic rum and coke cocktail. Try mixing a shot of the popular Captain Morgan Spiced rum with about six ounces of Dr. Pepper soda for a spiced drink that you can enjoy.


Another type of spiced rum that you can find that is more decadent is rum cream. It is a unique way to spice up desserts and creamy cocktails with a little flavor. Many people like to enjoy a cocktail with spiced rum cream in after dinner drinks. These cocktails will often be like a liquid dessert and contain ingredients such as heavy cream, coffee, and vanilla flavorings.



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