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Dark Rum

What is Dark Rum?

Rum is a favorite drink for many people. It has a full-body, and is warm to drink with a flavor of caramel and vanilla. You may even be able to get some tropical tastes from it such as lime, coconut, and even a hint of sunshine. It is a great addition to many


cocktails to give a delicious tropical flavor and take you away to a warm, sunny place.

Rum is a distilled spirit that is made from sugarcane by-products, which include molasses and the juice from the sugarcane. It is fermented and then distilled to get a clear liquid. After it has gone through these processes it is aged in barrels made of oak or other materials. Dark rums are normally drunk over ice, while light rums are more commonly used in cocktails.


Dark rum gets its darker color because it is aged in oak barrels that are charred for a longer period of time than light rums. It will have a stronger, sweeter flavor as it is flavored with caramel, spices, molasses, and other hints of subtle flavors that make it easy to distinguish dark rum from white rum.


Rum is not limited to just being used in drinks and cocktails. Around the holidays there are many desserts and cakes that are made where dark rum is one of the ingredients use. Fruits can be soaked with the rum for up to a year and are used to make Christmas cakes that are given as gifts or put out for dessert.


There are many recipes that you will come across that will call for rum. If it does not specify whether to use dark or light rum, then go with the dark rum. It will give your recipe more flavors and will complement everything from soups, to main entrees. Be sure that you do not add more than the suggested amount, as you may overpower the other flavors in the dish and get a disagreeable flavor.

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