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Appleton estate extra

Smooth, Aged, and very Jamaican

High on the Nassau valley in Jamaica and surrounded by the fresh water flowing down the Limestone Mountains sits the Appleton Estate – manufacturers of world class Jamaican Rums. The Appleton Estate Extra also called the Apple Estate 12-Year Old which is a favorite of rum aficionados the world over. This rum is a masterpiece of oak aging and adheres strictly to the Scottish-English law that states all the rums contained in the blend must reflect, at the minimum, the specific age noted on the bottle. This particular one is a rich blend of 12 to 30 year old spirits and comes bottled 86 proof. With the color of dark mahogany found in the richest of the cooking grade maple syrups, this dark rum blends very well in any rum based cocktail and is delightful when sipped neat or with ice. Bring it up to the nose and one can get a whiff of the orange peel, toasted oak, and vanilla.

Lightly bodied and full of flavors

The Appleton Estate Extra is the definitive rum, in the sense that it is the newbie's definition of what a rum should be. Lightly bodied and full of flavors, it runs smooth on the palate. Its slightly oily properties make it easy to glide down the throat. A single sip of this rum delivers the flavors of walnut, orange peel, toasted oak, and vanilla that is promised with its aroma. The 86 proof make this rum surprisingly dry. On the finish it is smooth and clean and delivers a hint of pepper and spices, but does not burn the throat.


The Appleton Estate Extra has a greater complexity and smoother character than its younger siblings. Perfect for any mixed drink recipe, rum lovers all over the world favor this one when it comes to making the perfect Mai-Tai's. For serious rum lovers, having a bottle of the Appleton Estate Extra in the bar cabinet is practically a necessity.


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