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Rum, Brown

What is Brown Rum?

Common in pirate movies, rum has always taken the stage and been the drink of choice for most of the cut-throat sailors, however they never make an effort to mention how awful and disgusting it was. Thankfully, nowadays there are improved processes that make the creation and distilling of rum a lot easier and safer, while offering a very delicious alcoholic beverage to all consumers. There are however different shades of rum, pertaining to how dark it is, and this all depends on way through which the rum was created.


Brown rum is the middle of the road as far as darkness is concerned, and it takes approximately 6 years to age in a wooden barrel. It is created through slow fermentation that can last up to twelve days, depending on its manufacturer. Primarily, rum is composed of sugarcane and molasses, and regardless of which type it is, they are all distilled clear. The aging process is the part that generally changes the shade of the rum.


Unlike vodka, which is basically able to be used in any different mixture of drinks, brown rum should never be used as the majority of a mixed drink. Many rum enthusiasts claim that dark rum is a treasure and it should be consumed like a very fine wine. Due to the aging process of the rum, it is often spiced and flavored, so at very most in the presence of a mixed drink, it should be added sparingly as an accent to increase the flavor.


If you are looking for a delicious high class alcoholic drink that you can enjoy without having to mix or cut it, brown rum is an amazing beverage that fits these criteria. Without spending a great deal of money, you can have a delicious bottle of high-quality of brown rum.

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