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Irish Whiskey

What is Irish whiskey?

When you think of whiskey, the first thing that you will probably think of is Scottish whiskey and American whiskey. But what many people may not know is that whiskey is made in different countries around the world and in the same style that was used by many of the original Irish immigrants that came here in the early years.


Irish whiskeys are types of American whiskeys that claim to be the oldest type of distilled whiskey in the United States, dating back to the Irish immigrants. Queen Elizabeth would have her Irish whiskey sent to her from London on a regular basis and made it the most popular grain whiskey that was imported from America.


In many ways, Irish whiskey is overpowered by its very similar Irish remake. Although now overshadowed by its Scottish counterpart, Ireland still produces some very fine whiskeys. Irish whiskeys can be made from corn and malted honey, they are then blended with other whiskies that are either from column-stills or pot-stills. No matter what, Irish whiskeys must maintain their requirement of being higher in proof that than Scotch Malts at 140 to 180-proof.


The difference between Irish whiskey and Scotch whiskey is that Irish whiskey will use barley mostly, which does not need peat in the fermenting process. When you do not use peat, you get an end product that allows more of the natural flavors to show up on your palate and puts some of the smoky ingredients to the side that are often associated with the Scotch whiskey.


Irish whiskey is generally aged for three years or more. The flavors of Irish whiskey include hints of vanilla that are present because of the barrels and methods that are used to age the Irish whiskey. Many will add a part of water to the Irish whiskey when it is aging to make sure that the flavors and scents of the Irish whiskey will be presented well enough.

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