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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish whiskey and the Irish Car Bomb Drink

Jameson Irish whiskey is a single distilled Irish whiskey that adheres to the tradition of single malt production. Most Irish whiskey is triple distilled, but Jameson has a different process. Jameson Irish Whiskey came about when John Jameson bought the distillery in 1780. By 1800 his distillery was the second largest producer of Irish whiskey in Ireland with a production rate of one million gallons per year. By 1805 Jameson Irish Whiskey was the most popular Whiskey in the world and still today the Jameson distillery is the third largest in the world.


Today, whiskey is still a drink in which people like to indulge in and enjoy on its own. To many people Irish whiskey is a luxury drink and shows that you know about liquors and are a more sophisticated drinker, especially if you order it on the rocks or neat and not mixed into another drink.


Probably the most popular mixed drink that is ordered with Jameson Irish Whiskey is the Irish Car Bomb, which puts together the most famous Irish drinks, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Guinness Beer. This drink is a fun favorite for many bar regulars and people looking for a fun drink to have with their friends. Most popular on St Patrick’s Day, the fun part of drinking this mix is that you should drink it fast and see who in your group can finish it first.


To make an Irish Car Bomb you should fill a pint glass ¾ of the way with the Guinness Stout beer and in a separate shot glass mix half an ounce each of Irish Cream on the bottom and Jameson Irish Whiskey on the top. Then to complete the drink, drop the shot glass into the pint glass completely and drink the mix before the drink curdles causing it to not taste very good. The fact that the drink will change taste and curdle is what the cause for the need to drink it fast is.


So order your Irish Car Bombs next time you are with your friends, make a toast and drink to finish before your friends. First person to slam their glass down on the bar wins! What the prize is for many people is generally just the pride in knowing that you can drink faster than your friends.

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