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Corn Whiskey

What is Corn Whiskey?

Many people consider corn whiskey to be the first, official American whiskey. Made from corn mash, this type of whiskey does not need to be aged unlike other whiskeys. Corn whiskey isn’t something most people would consider when they are buying whiskey at the liquor store. It has an interesting taste and is considered by many people to be moonshine liquor.


Corn whiskey and moonshine liquor became very popular in America during the Prohibition era. The fact that it was easy to make and did not require much time to age made it very popular with the bootleggers who were making and selling alcohol illegally. Since the times of Prohibition ended the legality of moonshine liquor has varied in across the country.


Corn whiskey is distilled liquor that is similar to bourbon, but bourbon needs to be aged in barrels so it can gain a more complex flavor and color that you will not see with a liquor that is not aged. Corn whiskey needs to be a minimum of 80-proof and sometimes you will see this liquor at a high of 180-proof.


Corn whiskey is very harsh liquor because of the process that is used to make it by just adding water to the corn mash to distill it. There have been many recipes for cocktails that have been created in order to ease its harsh flavor and the burning sensation from its high alcohol content. Many people will mix corn whiskey with lemonade or a citrus soda to sweeten it somewhat, but others can handle their corn whiskey mixed with beer, vermouth, or bourbon with a little bit of Tabasco sauce.


If you are adventurous and would like to try making your own corn whiskey, it is a relatively easy process and you will have whiskey to drink quickly after making it. There are many recipes listed all over the internet with detailed instructions on how to make corn whiskey in your own home. It might be a fun process if you are a home brewer trying to find something different to create.


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