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Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

The bourbon whisky known as Wild Turkey originated in Kentucky in 1855 by a Reverend Elijah Craig. He combined a mixture of rye, corn, and barley malt blending one of the most well known exported whiskies around the world.


For over 140 years, Wild Turkey is continued to be distilled in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky by the company Austin Nichols Distillery. They offer five different types of Wild Turkey which are Wild Turkey 80 proof, Wild Turkey 86.8, Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey 8 101, and Wild Turkey 12. The Wild Turkey 8 has been aging for at least 8 years while the Wild Turkey 12 has aged for at least 12 years.


Austin Nichols Distillery uses a small amount of distilled water in order for the customer to get a full flavored whiskey. The process takes place in white oak barrels having a tendency to contract and expand during the extreme climate changes. During this time the Wild Turkey will get most of its color from the barrels with a little caramel and vanilla for a touch of flavor and color. The deep layer of char in each barrel gives the famous bourbon whiskey its beautiful dark rust color.


The highest percent of alcohol (50.5%) is found in the Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey 8 and also in Wild Turkey 12. This bourbon is one of the most strictly regulated whiskies in the whole world. And strangely enough it is illegal to add any type of coloring to this particular brand that isn’t an added flavoring.


The uniqueness about this bourbon whiskey is it’s made with very few changes since the first batch was sold in 1855. Wild Turkey is called American’s Official Native Spirit because of its rich tradition. Mr. James Russell now is the Master Distiller and also the Brand Ambassador for Bourbon Whiskey.


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