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American whiskey

History of American Whiskey

For many people their spirit of choice to have with a cocktail is Jack Daniel’s whiskey. They may not realize that it is considered an American Whiskey and it has a long history behind it. Whiskey was originally brought to the United States by the Irish and Scottish immigrants. The immigrants had to use ingredients that were native to their new home country when they wanted to create whiskey here and so American Whiskey was born.


American Whiskey is a different version of whiskey that is made of a blend of corn, rye, barley, and wheat. All these ingredients are mixed together into a mixture that is called a mash. Once the mash is made it is aged in oak barrels. Today you can find many different versions of American Whiskey that have a more full bodied taste and is also sweeter and stronger than the first American Whiskeys made by the Irish and Scottish.

Most popular whiskey

The most popular of the American Whiskey is Bourbon, which is largely produced in Tennessee. Bourbon has to have 51% corn and needs to be aged in barrels that are new. Most recipes for bourbon will have 75% corn, 15% rye, and 10% of barley or wheat. Many producers use wheat because it will make the flavor of the bourbon softer.

 When people have Jack Daniels added to their cola or other drinks they may not know that it is almost the same as bourbon. Jack Daniels is Tennessee whiskey and it is filtered through sugar-maple charcoal after it is distilled. This is what gives the Tennessee whiskey it’s sweet finish and what makes it easy to drink for many people that do not love the taste of Whiskey.

Whiskey in drinks

You should order whiskey drinks and not just whiskey if you are at a bar or other establishment. Some places will add water to your whiskey, but if you really want to enjoy it you should not chill it or mix it with anything because you lose the bouquet in the taste and smell of the spirit. Popular whiskey drinks use Bourbon, which is one class of American whiskey. Try an Old-Fashioned or a Whiskey sour the next time you are out if you love whiskey.


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