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Blended Whiskey

History of Blended Whiskey and What Drinks to Enjoy


Blended whiskey is created when different types of whiskeys are combined into one. It is typically done by combining a pure malt whiskey with another type of whiskey that has been made using different types of grains and ingredients than the pure malt whiskey. You can expect to find about 15 to 30 different types of single malt types of whiskeys in a blended whiskey.


With blended whiskey, it is feasible to mix together a few different whiskeys that may not taste so great and have a new whiskey that tastes better than all of the individual types that went into it. It can take an experienced distillery many years to master the art of making a blended whiskey that has both malt and grain whiskeys that taste good blended together.

How Blended Whiskey Is Made


Blended whiskey is created by experimenting with different blends of different types of whiskeys to see which will get the best flavor. In a way, blending whisky is an art that must be mastered. You will not dilute the whiskey if you blend them together. The whiskey can actually have more flavor than a single whiskey on its own because of all the different types of aging and the different types of wood used for the barrels they are aged in. Sometimes the producers of blended whiskeys may add in additional caramel to make the color more uniform.

Whiskey is just like wine in many ways and when you are blending whiskeys, it is important to remember that to be considered a whiskey the spirit must have been aged for at least 3 years. Some whiskeys are even aged for 20 years or more to add to the flavor that the whiskey has.

Many whiskey connoisseurs consider a single malt whiskey to be the best that there is and to drink a blended whiskey is almost looked down upon as they consider them to be second-rate because of the extra ingredients that are used to give them more flavor. You will find grain alcohol as an ingredient in many blended whiskeys. In blends there is generally up to 85% grain whisky and up to 35% malt whisky.

When you taste a blended whiskey you will notice that it may taste like sweet honey, it may have a smoky flavor, a fruity flavor, or something completely different. For those that are not whiskey connoisseurs, drinking blended whiskey is actually what they prefer over single malt because they are easier to drink and have a better taste.


When producers are trying to find the perfect mix they will tend to find that the grain whiskey is a neutral part and the single malt whiskey is what will actually give the spirit flavor. Different malt whiskeys have a certain spiciness to them that makes them richer and some have the smoky, fruity, apple, or sherry tastes.


Once the most difficult part of the producer’s job is over and they have found a perfect blend of whiskeys that taste great together, they have to determine what type of demand they might get for their whiskey from buyers and drinkers. It is important for them to determine when the peak age will be reached for the malt whiskey that they are using in their blend and make sure that it will still taste great 10 years from now.

Try it, you might like it


Many people tend to avoid drinking whiskeys because they don’t like the taste or find them too harsh to drink while they are trying to enjoy themselves. What they don’t know is that a good blend can be a smoother option than a single malt whiskey or scotch. Blended whiskey is great to add into cocktails that are a little sweet as a different twist on scotch drinks and other more standard cocktails. Because it is sweeter, it will give you more energy when you are trying to stay up late for a party or event.


Many people do not associate sugar with blended whiskey, but they would be surprised to find that caramel is sometimes added to even out the color but also gives it some sweetness. Many young people will not order a whiskey cocktail because it is associated with older drinkers and they may think of their grandfathers drinking it. There are many drinks that are delicious that have blended whiskey as one of the ingredients. After having one of these drinks they may just become a favorite for the younger generation.

Whiskey in cocktails


The first drink to try that is very popular is a Whiskey Sour. This drink is sweet and tangy so it will appeal to many people and all ages. To make a whiskey sour, you use two ounces of blended whiskey, juice from half of a lemon, half a teaspoon of powdered sugar, a cherry, and a slice of lemon. All you need to do is mix the blended whiskey, powdered sugar and lemon juice together in a shaker. Then strain into a glass with ice and garnish with the cherry and lemon slice.


A simple drink that the younger crowd will definitely enjoy is the Rob Roy. It is easy to make and is easy to drink so you can enjoy it at anytime during your night. The ingredients of this drink are one and a half ounces of blended whiskey and three quarters of an ounce of sweet vermouth. Stir these two ingredients together in a glass with ice and you have a quick and tasty drink to enjoy!


If you are looking for a more fruity drink that contains blended whiskey to have at your beach themed party or simply on a hot summer day, then you should try the California Lemonade. This drink includes citrus soda, two ounces of vodka, two ounces of blended whiskey, soda water, one and a half ounces of goldschlager, a quarter teaspoon of grenadine, lemon juice, lime juice, and one tablespoon of powdered sugar.


Mix all the ingredients together saving that soda water for last and strain into a glass filled with ice. Fill the glass the rest of the way with the soda water and then stir to mix. Garnish with orange and lemon slices and you have a great summer drink that includes blended whiskey that everyone will love.

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