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Canadian Club Reserve Whisky

Canadian Club Reserve: Carrying The Name Of A Nation Proudly

Canadian club reserve, or as it is globally known "C.C.," is a Canadian brand of whisky that began production in 1858. Originally this time honored tradition was known as Walker's Club Whiskey, being established by Hiram Walker. Eventually after many makeovers in advertising, not recipe, it became what is now a world famous brand.

A Whiskey Making Its Mark In History

Hiram Walker founded the original distillery for Walker's Club Whiskey in 1858 in the city of Detroit. Although versed in cider vinegar, his first endeavor for the development of his famous concoction was produced in 1854. Due to the conditions arising in Detroit of prohibition, Walker decided to move across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. Walker's quickly became a "gentleman's" drink and distinguished itself as a high end elite spirit, giving it the "Club Whisky" label. The other whisky brands fought to have the Canadian label added to the bottle thinking it would make it less popular, which only back fired making it seem more exotic and in high demand. Over the years the brand went through many changes, eventually dropping the "Walker's" name and opting to today's famous Canadian Club Reserve.

Canadian Club Varieties

There are seven different varieties of Canadian club, all which are 80 proof (40% proof by volume).

  • Canadian Club 6 Year Old/Canadian Club Premium: the most popular, this variety is the most common brand used primarily as a mixer maturing for 6 years. Sold worldwide in over 150 countries globally.
  • Canadian Club Reserve: Maturing for over a decade, it is said to have a richer flavor
  • Canadian Club Classic: 12-year-old whisky
  • Canadian Club 100 Proof: Matured for 6 years, having a higher alcohol content, it is distilled to 100 proof (50%ABV), responsible for its stronger, richer flavor
  • Canadian Club Sherry Cask: Matured by two different means first in white oak barrels for a minimum of 8 years, then casks from the sherry wine region in Spain. It is 82.6 proof (41.3% ABV), known as the brands finest in range
  • Canadian Club Dry: Specifically released in Australia in 2001, it is a pre-mixed spirit of Canadian Club and ginger ale. Being 10 proof (5%ABV), it is sold in 330ml bottles

Distinction Of Taste

The most popular of the varieties the 10 year old is said to be sweet and peppery, but fruity, hints of cinnamon and ginger with a rye-tinged earthy rye overtone. Unlike most of the other whisky's available, it is the zest of rye that lends to its signature taste and sets it apart from other comparable whisky brands.

Overall Notability

It is known as a middle of the road whisky blend, with a higher than average range rating for overall taste, It is a bar stock favorite and has become a staple for many different mixed drinks, having an overall well-balanced and consistent flavor. It is a whisky that can also be savored and enjoyed straight up, that comes highly recommended as a always-pleasing consistent blend.

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