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Rye Whiskey

What is Rye Whiskey?


When you are referring to rye whiskey, there are different types of whiskey that you should be looking at. The difference in the whiskey will depend on where it was made. In the early years of America, before the fruity cocktails became popular and before the time of beer, men would drink classic whiskey cocktails.


Prior to the beginning of Prohibition in early America, rye whiskey was considered to be the most popular spirit for cocktails in the country. The origin of whiskey is from Scotland and in translation the word whiskey can mean “water of life.” The taste of the popular spirit has not changed much throughout the years because the people who make it are determined to keep the same flavor that it is so well known for.


There are two different types of rye whiskey: American and Canadian. All whiskeys have the ingredients of wheat, rye, and malted barley. American rye whiskeys need to be made with at least 51% rye. There is no law in place for Canadian rye whiskey that says how much rye must be used in order for it to be called whiskey.


American rye whiskey also has some other regulations that must be followed when making the spirit. This spirit cannot be over 160-proof and before it is aged in oak cask, it cannot be over 125-proof. The American rye whiskey also needs to be aged in the oak cask for at least two years to be called straight whiskey.


People that like to drink rye whiskey have many different ways that that prefer to drink it. Some drinks that are popular with men who do not want to drink whiskey on the rocks or straight are the Manhattan and the Old-Fashioned. These are both classic cocktails that you will see many different versions of everywhere you go.


The Old-Fashioned was the first cocktail that was invented and it makes it somewhat easier for you to drink the rye whiskey. It has a little bit of a sweet taste to it because of some added sugar and maraschino cherry. The Manhattan in a little stronger, but is great when made with a good rye whiskey. Many people will also add some maraschino cherry juice to this drink to make it a little sweeter and easier to drink.

When you are looking for a good gift idea for that great man in your life, try finding them a nice bottle of rye whiskey that they can enjoy.

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