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Soju: The Korean Delight


While in the Western world people are sipping away on distilled spirits like Whiskey, Rum, and Gin, their Oriental counterparts are busy getting hangovers from their own versions of the distilled spirits. Soju is the Korean equivalent of Vodka. The smooth and easy taste makes it a versatile drink to have with any food or cuisine combination. The alcohol is easier to deal with because of its 10% to 25% proof. The Koreans swear by this drink, mostly because it is easily available and cheap. Like other premium alcohol manufacturers, Korean Soju makers have now added flavors like apple, lemon, and watermelon to this drink. Such combinations or blends of Soju are now commonly available.


According to history, Soju became the favorite pastime of Koreans when the Mongols invaded Korea circa the 1300s. The Mongols in turn, had adapted the practice of distilling spirit from starches like potato and rice, from the Persians who made Arak in a similar manner. In Korea, there is an entire region dedicated to distilling these drinks and it is called Arak-ju! Jinro, a Korean brand of Soju is by far one of the largest manufacturers. In 2008, the Jinro brand of Soju sold about 76 million cases in South Korea alone.


The best way to consume Soju is neat and from a shot glass. At a Korean dinner table, don't be surprised to hear the host exclaim “One Shot” loudly and expect all the guests to down the liquor in one gulp. The best part of drinking Soju is the company of friends. Nothing makes for an evening of fun, laughter and good times like downing Soju bombs in the circle of friends. The Koreans believe that social lubrication is a very essential aspect of society and nothing eases the friction and tedium of everyday living better than Soju.

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