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Cappuccino Ice Cream

Guide to making cappuccino ice cream pie


First made popular by gourmet bakeries, the cappuccino ice cream pies have been favored for years but didn’t get really noticed until the twenty first century. Today’s society loves coffee and will typically try other types of food or snacks that are inspired or used with coffee products. These pies can be a great dessert and perfect for any holiday party or family diner.


To make your own mocha cappuccino ice cream pie you need to grab a few ingredients first.

  • A piecrust, You can choose any type but a vanilla crisp or wafer crust is recommended.
  • Fudge marble ice cream with no sugar added and fat free. You will be using about four cups of this for the recipe.
  • Vanilla extract, as with almost all baking recopies. A half of a teaspoon is needed for your recipe of the extract.
  • Sugar or sugar substitute will be needed and you will use about 8 teaspoons. If you are using packets of sugar substitute, this is be about four packets.
  • Instant coffee can be any flavor or make you want to incorporate into your recipe. A tablespoon is what you need for this recipe.
  • Finally, you will need about a fourth a cup of water, cold.


Once you get all of your ingredients together you can then begin. Take the vanilla, instant coffee, water, and sugar and mix it all together. Blend until the coffee granules have fully dissolved and then simply set it off to the side. Next you want to mix your coffee mixture you just made with your four cups of marble ice cream. You really need to blend this well and you may even use a blender or mixer to get it to the density you need. Once blended thoroughly, spoon it into your piecrust and then wrap with plastic wrap. Freeze your pie for about 4 or 5 hours and then cut it into slices for serving.




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