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Chicha de Jora

Understanding what Chicha de Jora is


Chicha is a word used in Latin regions of the world to describe a fermented drink or sometimes some non-alcoholic types of drinks as well. The fermented drinks that Chicha often refers to will typically be made from maize (corn). Maize is referred to as jora, which is where Chicha de Jora derives from. The preparations and product of the corn-derived drink is made almost the same way as beer is produced. The maize is germinated, the malt sugars are extracted, then the wort is boiled followed by the beverage fermenting inside a large containing for a specific number of days, weeks or months.


Unlike Chicha de Jora, Chicha Morada is not fermented and made with purple colored maize. This is one of the most popular drinks to have along side of an empanada. The de Jora drink has been around for centuries and was actually originally used during religious ceremonies and diners. Unfortunately, the popularity of the drink has decreased dramatically in the last century. There are only a few villages and communities that still prepare pure Chicha beverages. The areas that do still produce this small amount include Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and areas of Costa Rica.


The Chicha de Jora was also a popular drink for the Incan tribes and can be made from home as long as you have the right ingredients. Brewing your own Chicha will allow you to have the full, natural taste that tribes and communities have been enjoying for centuries. The pre-bottled versions are not bad by any means but there is nothing like the touch of a homemade recipe. There are several different recipes for the de Jora and will ultimately depend on which tradition you want to follow. Many tribes and ancestors had special recipes and additions so check out a few different options when you are browsing online.




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