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Anise Oil

Herbal Cures with Anise Oil 

Anise oil comes from the Aniseed plant – a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean and the South West region of Asia. It is known for its rich flavor and is often used as a spice. The taste of Anise resembles that of Licorice or Fennel. The essential oil of Anise is called Anethole. This oil can also be found in an unrelated spice called Star Anise. Star Anise is mostly used in East Asian and South Asian cuisines and is easier to grow. It has generally replaced the western Anise as a spice used for cooking and in herbal drinks. Anise oil is generally used to impart licorice flavoring to the food. While the oils can be substituted with Anise extracts, the extracts evaporate easily and therefore, cannot withstand high heat or prolonged cooking.

Medicinal and herbal uses

Anise oil has many medicinal and herbal uses. Cough medicines and pectoral infections make use of these oils to alleviate the symptoms of patients. The oils are generally used in the form of lozenges and sometimes the seeds are smoked in order to promote expectoration. The oil when mixed with spirits forms the Anisette liqueur. This liqueur has a beneficial action on patients suffering from bronchitis and the flu. The oil also has other uses – like relieving undue flatulence and diminishing the griping of purgative medicines. It can also be used as an insect repellent when combined with Carbolic oil.


Anise oil has a strong aroma. This property makes it beneficial when it is used in aromatherapy for treating Bronchitis, colds, and the flu. It helps open up the bronchia in the lungs to make breathing easier. Although very rarely prescribed, the oil is also a natural remedy for asthma. Fishermen use Anise oil on baits and very effectively at that. The oil is generally used as bait to catch trout. Its varied medicinal properties can also be used in bath oils, massage oils and facials as a relaxant.

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