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Chocolate Petals

Chocolate Petals: The Perfect Decor For Your Cocktail Party

Remember the old-fashioned cocktail party? The parties that our parents used to throw are a thing of the past. Nowadays it is not enough to have the neighbors over to pour a nasty-tasting straight up drink into a glass and serve it. Nowadays throwing a cocktail party is all about the flare and pizzazz. Cocktails today are not your parent's cocktails, they are delicacies to be celebrated and enjoyed. Taste is only part of the ambiance to your impending get together. To add that extra ahhhhh to your celebration, make sure to class it up by adding chocolate petals to your cocktails.

Chocolate Not Just For Dessert Anymore

Along with the time when your parents were throwing their cocktail parties, chocolate was reserved for dessert. It is still an excellent after dinner delicacy, but over the past decade, chocolate has found its way into our mixed drinks and after dinner drinks to add a little extraordinary yum to the ordinary. Its not only about the way a drink tastes anymore, it is also about the way that it appears. The extra effort of decorating your drinks with props like chocolate petals, will wow your guests and will be the talk of the town the proceeding day.

Center Your Get Together Around A Chocolate Theme

When planning your party, having a theme is the best way to keep it coherent. Don't opt to go with the ordinary plain drinks. Center your party around chocolate concoctions such as chocolate martinis, chocolate cosmopolitans, or any array of different chocolate based drinks. Make the party pop by making chocolate petals to adorn the glass, it will be like a drink and dessert all in one.

How to make chocolate petals

What you will need

  • 16 ounces of chocolate (either white or dark) pieces or chips
  • 2/3 cup of light corn syrup
  • If working with chocolate pieces, chop them into fine pieces.
  • Place them into a double boiling pot, carefully stirring the chocolate until it is melted, remove from heat
  • While it is cooling slightly, stir in the corn syrup and allow it to cool until you are able to handle it
  • Squeeze out any additional grease from the chocolate mixture onto a paper towel
  • Roll out the mixture onto a counter top or work surface that has been dusted with cocoa powder

To assemble the chocolate petals:

  • Roll a piece of the chocolate mixture into a snack sized tootsie roll, making as many as flowers as you intend to make, these will be the base
  • Roll out the rest of the mixture to 1/8 inch cutting out circles of one inch around. These will be your chocolate petals, you will need 6-10 petals per flower
  • Attach the chocolate petals to the base, moving from bottom up and working your way around the base. Flattening the edges to thin them out, cut any excess from the top of the base
  • Add leaves if you want
  • Once they are completely cooled you can add them to the martini or cosmopolitan glass

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