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Coconut Water

Coconut water and its benefits

Coconut water is refreshing summer drink, which can be obtained from young coconut fruits. It is a popular drink from ancient days specially in Pacific Islands and other regions of Southeast Asia. Coconut water is available in three forms fresh, bottled, and canned it is a fat free drink and give lots of energy to the body specially for hot summers. In Central America coconut, water is available on beaches, and it is called agua de pipa there.


Coconut water is sugar and fat free natural drink, which keeps your body cool and maintains the normal temperature. In summer, it protects your body from dehydration, oxygen, and nutrients to cells. It also prevents from summer boils and prickly heat in the body. Urinary infection can also be treated with this refreshing drink. Coconut itself is so useful for different other purposes as well. Its meat, milk, water, and husk everything can be utilized for different things. Its dried coconut meat is very much useful for chocolate making and in some sweets as well. People in Asia use it as dry fruit as well.


Few another important health benefits of coconut water are:

  1. It controls vomiting: any person who is suffering from typhoid, fever,   malaria, can drink this beverage it will reduce the vomiting and will settle the stomach.
  2. It is helpful drink to control the hangover: coconut water is refreshing for all the seasons and anyone who is drunk can have this during the hangover.
  3. Promote weight loss: If you are over weight then instead of drinking other beverages try coconut water it’s fat free, without any cholesterol, it promotes the healthy body and decreases the tendency of increasing weight.

Coconut water is not only beneficial it is also delicious drink for anytime and any purpose. It gives almond taste and lots of energy to the body.

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