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Chocolate Fudge Topping

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Fudge Topping

Having a sauce with any course of a meal can make or break the dish. Having a special sauce that compliments a dish is very often a necessity, and dessert is no exception to that. Hot fudge or chocolate fudge topping is used as a topping for many desserts from ice cream to chocolate cake. It can add an extra sweetness and richness to any dessert instantly.


Not to be confused with fudge candy, chocolate fudge topping is a thick syrup that is chocolate flavored, either naturally or with artificial flavors. You will often find it as a topping on ice cream sundaes and chocolate cake desserts. If you are trying to make a chocolate dessert and would like to make your own homemade chocolate fudge topping, it is easy to do so in your home. Making it from scratch will give your dessert a personal touch, rather than getting the store bought kind. You can experiment with flavors and the thickness of the chocolate in order to get the perfect fudge topping that you and your guests will love.


If you are looking for a quick version to make in your home you can easily make this recipe. Try to use a non-alkalized cocoa powder, there is a slight difference that you may or may not notice in the taste of the finished product. Also be careful when you are melting the chocolate, that you do not expose it to any water or other liquid as it will cause the chocolate to seize, or become grainy and unusable. For the recipe you can use chopped up chocolate or, for an easier version, chocolate chips. Whether you use dark, semi sweet, or milk chocolate is completely up to you and your personal taste preferences.


You will need 6 ounces of water, flour, and a half ounces of sugar, two and one-quarter ounces of corn syrup, one and a half ounces of cocoa powder, and four ounces of chopped chocolate, or chocolate chips. Fill a pot with the water and place over medium heat, add the sugar and corn syrup to the pot and stir until the sugar is dissolved, then add the chocolate and cocoa powder. You can also add a quarter cup of cream if you want the fudge topping to be thicker. Try adding different flavors, such as vanilla or cherry to give it an extra twist of flavor. You will have about a pint of chocolate topping from this recipe and it will stay good for up to four days if you keep it in the refrigerator.


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