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Beef Stock (Bouillon)

What is Beef stock

Beef stock bouillon is French for beef broth. The word bouillon comes from the French word bouillir which means to boil. This type of beef stock is usually made adding aromatic herbs to beef bones and sometimes with sea food and vegetables – the trick is to dump every ingredient in a pot and let it simmer.

Origins of beef stock

Beef stock bouillon traces its origin back to Japan but it is unsure if Japan was the country where it all started. Beef stock is a popular broth and it is obvious that other places brewed over a span of many centuries. It is true that in the olden days, broth had to be made by using animal bones (chicken, beef, mutton, veal etc). However, in recent times, this time consuming has activity has been replaced with the availability of bouillon powder and cubes. Bouillon cubes are made by dehydrating vegetables, beef stock and solid fats along with some salt in order to make a 15mm block or even in powder form. This cube or powder is then added to any present recipe in order to substitute the long hours of making beef broth by simmering so many ingredients. Knorr is the biggest producer and seller of bouillon cubes which has made cooking beef stock extremely convenient.

Nutrional values

Beef stock bouillon is a very nutritional broth. It has no cholesterol or sugar, has very high iron and niacin content, good phosphorous and potassium content and is high in vitamin B12. This blend is extremely nutritious for anyone who drinks it but is of great value to an individual trying to lose weight due to its low calorie count. Beef stock bouillon is often confused with bouillon soup which in actuality is a Haitian soup which is made in somewhat the same fashion but is not the same thing at all.



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