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Zhumir Seco

For the Young at Heart


A taste of zest and an enthusiasm for life is one of the key factors of the Ecuadorian lifestyle. It is hard not to have fun where the music beat is Latin American, the women dance so beautifully, and the spirits are high. Zhumir Seco is a liquor that adds on to the spice of life and being youthful. The tag line of the Zhumir Seco ad says “en siende i animo” which roughly translated means “I encourage you” in English. It is the spirit of the youth to try new things, to try things differently, and to think of things that have never been done before.


The word “Seco” means dry. Zhumir Seco, like the name suggests, is a semi-dry liquor made to be served chilled. It belongs to a category of liquors known as Aguardiente or “Firewater.” The Seco is a triple distilled liquor, smooth and light, and goes well with any flavor. Mix it in juice to make a lovely tropical drink for any warm and humid evening. It is a drink meant to give you energy to dance or sing or whatever it is that drives you. It is a drink for the young at heart and young of mind. 


Tradition has it that a visionary farmer named Francisco Cabeza de Vac coined the term Zhumir for an alcoholic drink that was fermented of sugar canes. The word Zhumir refers to a native plant of Ecuador called Zhumirals. These plants were used in the fermentation process to distill the spirits. Zhumir Seco is one of the premium products that has evolved out of that legendary and popular drink that became the favorite pastime of a nation. As the popularity of Zhumir grew, so did the demand. The company opened a new distillery called Destilería Zhumir C. Ltda. The company changed to this name to be associated with the legendary beverage.




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