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Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire Sauce is a Great Addition to Many Meals


There are not a lot of sauces that can be used in a variety of types of cooking or with a variety of different types of meals like Worcestershire sauce can.Therefore, if you want one sauce that can really be used for a variety of different purposes then this is the one to choose. In addition, you can learn how to use this sauce in a variety of different sauces and dressings too.


It does not matter if you want to make snacks or appetizers or full five course meals there is a way to use Worcestershire sauce in everything that you make. Some of the favorite snack foods that include the sauce are the flavored snack crackers and party mix is another. There are also many different appetizers like flavored little smokies or even flavored meatballs. In addition, you could use the sauce to marinate meat and make kabobs or other types of appetizers including dips.


If you have ever bought the popular Lea and Perrin’s brand of Worcestershire sauce then you might be interested in knowing some of their history. Lea and Perrins were two chemists that developed the sauce in 1837. In addition, if you were not aware this is also the number one ingredient in caser salad dressing. This is one way that the sauce was paired uniquely at some point.


There are so many uses for Worcestershire sauce, which you might not be aware of but there are also uses, which you have probably already heard about. There are ways to use the sauce as a great marinade or even just poured over meats like chicken and steak. No matter what the choice is for you are sure to be pleased with one of the many uses for Worcestershire sauce

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