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Tonic Water

The usefulness of Tonic Water

Tonic Wateris a carbonated soft drink with bitter taste. Because of its bitter taste, Tonic Wateris usually mixed with other drinks such as gin and tonic. In addition to this, it is well important to mention that this drink in many countries is being used against malaria thus has medicinal effects. Moreover, it is recommended to mix this drink with sweet alcohols in order to balance the bitter taste with sweet. It was first presented in the British market, afterwards was introduced to American markets. Now days this beverage is well known in both countries.


Tonic Water, when first was presented, contained large amount of quinine and carbonated water. Nevertheless, now days the amount of quinine is significantly low, and is basically added for the purpose of adding some flavor to the beverage. In addition to this, some manufacturers also add sugar in this beverage to decrease the level of bitterness. On the other hand, you can find sugar free Tonic Waterin the market, which is produced for diet purposes. In addition to this, citrus fruits are used again for flavoring purposes.


As it was already mentioned, the quinine was used to cure malaria. On the other side, the amount of quinine is so insignificant in this beverage, so that it would hardly succeed to kill malaria by just consuming couple of glasses of tonic water. People, though, still associate the name of quinine with healthiness.  Nevertheless, one should note its side effects. Those who have healthy problems must be careful, as Tonic Water may as well create disturbances in heart rhythm and cause blood related complications.  Moreover, concerning the fact, that various manufacturers use different level of quinine, sweetness to produce Tonic Water, it can be mixed with different types of beverages depending on the taste of the consumer.

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