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The Many Faces of Gatorade

Packed full of sodium, phosphate, potassium, and sugar, this athletic concoction has seen more fame than most drinks. Its rise to glory began in 1965, when Robert Cade and his medical research team at Florida State University were approached by the resident football coach, Ray Graves. Graves had become impatient with his players' performance during that Summer's practice and needed an edge on the competition. In no time, the team had added lemon juice to the four magic ingredients and mixed them all in water. It was the perfect way to retain more water and restore lost electrolytes and carbohydrates. The event that turned Gatorade, named after Florida State University's alligator mascot, into a nationwide sensation was Florida's victory over Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets in 1967. When asked why he thought they had lost, Georgia Tech coach Bud Carson said that Gatorade was what the team was lacking.

Gatorade has permanently nestled into its niche in main stream culture, a perfect example of which is the dumping of a cooler full of Gatorade over the head of the winning football coach's head after a game. So woven into our culture is this beverage, that it is almost a prerequisite at any sporting event or practice. Its run of products have been many, from Gator Gum to Gatorade Tiger, a drink formulated for Tiger Woods, which was later relabeled Focus and included theanine, an amino acid commonly found in some teas which helps mental focus, hence the name.

It's easy to enjoy Gatorade in its purest form, no matter what the flavor or series, but it was only a matter of time before the cocktail recipes began to surface and today, literally dozens are available online or by word of mouth, in the right places. Always simple in design, these cocktails typically have robust names, such as the Bloody Roadrunner and Wild Russian Riptide. So, whether in spring training or after the game in celebration, please enjoy Gatorade responsibly.

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