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Bubbly Lemonade

Impress your guest with bubbly lemonade!

Lemonade has been a refreshing beverage for generations and generations. Today party throwers and moms all around are looking for a way to improve the same ole same, without losing the quality. Preparing your own bubbly lemonade is a great way to keep the refreshment of lemonade around but adding the sparking effect to make it appear different. The taste is not much different other than the carbonation and bubbly!

Make your own Bubbly Lemonade

To make your own home made bubbly lemonade you will need some sparkling water and either lemons or lemonade mix. You can choose to make your own freshly squeezed lemonade for a true homemade touch and natural sweeteners. If you use a lemonade mix you may have to add some sugar as well but that is entirely up to you. Even if you choose to use these juice mixes and concentrates you can cut up lemon slices to put in the jug or container for show or extra flavor. The sparking water you use can be any brand but is recommended that you chill the water before mixing it with the lemonade.


You then simply mix your sparkling water with your lemonade or lemonade mix and litter with lemon slices! You then have a presentable old time favorite, with a new age twist. The great thing is that the beverage is great for people of all ages. A five year old to a ninety year old can enjoy this cool drink anytime, anywhere. While some versions of bubbly lemonade can be found in your local super markets, they can often be high in sugars or have too much carbonation. Consider trying both options out to see which one you prefer. They can be around the same in cost so the decision will ultimately be up to your taste buds and not your wallet.


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