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Explore variety with berry sodas!

No matter what kind of berry soda you enjoy the most, you know it is always refreshing! The best thing about these flavors of sodas is that they are not only found at your local store, but they can also be made from home as well! Home made berry sodas are a great way to keep your guest refreshed at any event or family get together. The big advantage that home made berry sodas have over the store bought sodas is the fact that you can use any type of berry you want.

Make it at home

Unless your preferred berry flavor is a popular one, like Strawberry, your options are extremely limited at the local super market. When making your berry soda from home you can use blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries, and many more for your soda. Some people even choose to add in some sparkling water or flavored water as well to make the soda more cocktail like. For the most part just water and syrup is added into the mix with the berries for the flavor. How much syrup you put in will ultimately depend on how many you are serving and the level of taste you prefer.


Luckily with the high demand in this berry flavored sodas more and more bottlers and manufacturers are producing more carbonated beverages for retail sell. We are seeing blueberry sodas, raspberry sodas and even blackberry sodas in super markets today. However, no matter how many get put on the shelves they will never compare to the pure taste of your own home made berry soda. Try it once and you will understand why more and more people are using these sodas and punches for entertainment and for the kids that is still nutritional. Check online for some great recipes!

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