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Dr. Pepper soda

Dr Pepper soda is a soft drink that is known to have a unique flavor. It is hard to identify the flavor since it is not strawberry, not an orange or apple flavor. It is not even anything else like cola or root beer. It has one of a kind taste. It was originally served in 1885 but was only marketed in the United States of America in 1904.

Origin of the Name Dr Pepper Soda

Most people have different theories of the origin of the name Dr Pepper soda. Some believe that the pep in pepper is used to refer to pepsin. This drink was originally sold as an energizer and tonic making people believe that it got its name from the pep it gave to those that used it. There are still some people who believe that this drink got its name from a person known as Dr. Pepper. There are several other theories that are used to explain the origin of the name of this drink.

The Truth about Dr Pepper Soda

The inventor of this now famous soft drink is Charles Alderton. This invention resulted from his liking of the smells that he worked with in a drug store. He mixed different flavors until he came up with a mixture of fruit syrups that he liked most. The flavor of Dr Pepper soda is the result of a secret mixture of 23 ingredients. It is known to stand out from Coke and Pepsi since this drink has never been a cola. This drink is known as the oldest world major soft drink made by the oldest manufacturer.

Testing Of the Dr Pepper Soda

After Charles Alderton can up with the flavor of Dr Pepper soda that he thought he liked best, he gave it to the owner of the store Morrison who also like it. He later gave a sample to several fountain customers for tasting. The customers also liked the flavor and thereafter, several patrons at Morrison’s soda fountain started placing their orders. It even reached a point where Alderton and Morrison were overwhelmed by the orders. This necessitated the need to start up a company which was originally known as the Artesian Mfg. & Bottling Company which later became the Dr Pepper Company.

How You Can Get Dr Pepper Soda

Dr Pepper soda brands are readily available in major retail outlets. Any one Dr pepper bottler in a specific are determines the package types and sizes the customers in that area will get. It is advisable to check in the local newspapers when there is an availability of Dr Pepper coupons and any other specials in your area. In case you do not get your desired size, you can call the company and ask for it. However, most Pepper companies make the sizes that sell most. This soft drink comes in different flavors like Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, Caffeine-Free Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry Diet Dr Pepper, Caffeine-Free Dr Pepper, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper Cherry. It is not possible to get the formula of this soft drink since it is proprietary information.

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