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Claytons Kola Tonic

A peek behind Clayton’s Tonic beverage


Back in the 1980’s the drink Clayton’s tonic was a popular non-alcoholic beverage that was produced in Australia. The popular beverage was advertised as the “drink you have when you want to keep going” because it was commonly used as a whiskey replacement. Bartenders who wanted to cut someone off without being rude either did this, or by recovering alcoholics who still needed the simulation of drinking. The non-alcoholic brew was first produced in the late 1800’s in London. The Clayton Brothers by Battersea set out to make an alcohol free drink that was fully bodied.


While Clayton’s tonic is no longer in mass production you can still purchase the brand from new owners Armstrong Agencies, LTD. You can use this tonic as a mixture for an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, or you can drink it straight on ice. The only place that locally sells this tonic drink is a Waitrose outlet in the United Kingdom. However, you can also purchase the drink from anywhere in the world with quick and convenient shipping options. For price comparison you can expect to spend about $12 on a bottle measuring 750ml. It is also a kind of cool fact to know that the recipe for making the tonic is a secret and is only known by people working for the company who need to know it. If the worker is not in a position to know the recipe, they are never told.


You can make an amazing Clayton’s special cocktail from the tonic which includes, Sirop-de-citron, tonic and Bacardi rum. Clayton’s tonic is also widely used for what is known as the Grizzly. The beer, tonic and limejuice mix is widely popular in the U.K. by college students. Try the tonic with your favorite liquor today!



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