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Ginger Beer -- The Lost Brew

The bite of ginger ale is well known to most of us, but its ancestor, ginger beer, has all but been lost to the seas of time and culture. Typically, one may find ginger beer in the form of a non-alcoholic, carbonated soft drink, but this is far removed from its origins. But if one knows where to look, the flavor of the original brew can be found on tap either locally or abroad in private homes or public taverns.

Ginger beer was first brewed in the 1700's in England and was brought to various ports around the world by Brittish sailors. One such port was the Ionian Islands in Western Greece almost two hundred years after the drink's invention. In Corfu, the brew is still made by locals and is hailed as a specialty of the region. Jamaica also saw the drink, where it prospered due to the unique effect that Jamaican ginger had on the drink. Much like champagne in its sparkle and life, Jamaican ginger beer has a spicy flavor like no other. The now truly Jamaican drink can be shipped to your location for a reasonable price for the unique flavor.

The brew from England is one of the most popular brews in its home country and is gaining popularity among home brewers around the world. Countless recipes can be found in books and online that have either been rediscovered or reinvented to suit a local taste. Ginger beer is also famous in the world of cocktails for its unique addition to any given drink and is featured in such drinks as the A Furlong Too Late in which white rum is added to the brew. Many other drinks may be found including this beer, which are simple to make and make a great drink!

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