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Orange Sorbet

 Sorbet is a term derived from either the Romans or the Middle East which means a frozen dessert made from fruit juice and water. The word sorbet probably comes from sherbet, which in term comes from Arabic. Sorbets come in many flavors, orange being one of the popular ones. A typical orange sorbet is made from oranges peeled, pitted, and the pith removed. It is then crushed and added to sugar and water and blended until all is mixed perfectly. This is the most basic recipe of an orange sorbet.


There are many recipes available for making orange sorbet. The Internet is full of different ways and different ingredients used in making orange sorbet so there is no hard and fast rule as to how it is to be made. While most orange sorbets are in a drinking form – water based – some are also semi solid. These are made from the usual sorbet ingredients – water, sugar, and oranges – including other ingredients like milk, cream, and sometimes even yogurt. Orange sorbet made from milk and/or cream makes for a delicious dessert. It tastes like soft ice cream or pudding and is usually topped with orange sauce to give it that yummy tangy touch.


Many chefs all over the world are of the opinion that it is not prudent to use yogurt as one of the ingredients of orange sorbet. This is due to the fact that oranges are citrus in nature and might curdle the yogurt and make a mess of the end product. However, others say that yogurt sorbet can be made from oranges if the orange juice used is sweetened enough. Orange sorbet is a popular dessert which well liked around the globe especially in countries where fasting is prevalent. This is due to the fact that orange sorbet is essentially very sweet and is designed to give the person drinking it a zing which is so important to someone who has not eaten anything in hours and is a victim to low sugar levels.


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