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Gold Rum

What is Gold Rum?

Rum is usually aged in barrels, unless it is white rum. As rum continues to aged in a barrel, it takes on the amber or gold colors of the wood of the barrel. You will find that golden rums are usually more flavorful that clear rums. When you want to make a cocktail that has a stronger flavor, you will want to use gold rum instead of white or clear rum.


The number of year that gold rums are aged depends on how deep the manufacturer wants the color to be. Some may even add extra coloring using caramel to make the color of their rums consistent and to achieve the color that they want. You will find flavors of vanilla, almond, and coconut will be present in the aroma and taste of gold rums because of the aging process being in wooden barrels. The flavors and aromas will vary based on what type of wood was used for the aging barrel. 


Many people prefer to have a cocktail that is made using gold rum, but others will drink it straight or over ice. Gold rum is a great ingredient for many dessert and baking recipes as well. Gold rum is usually a very affordable spirit and there are many delicious cocktails that you can create that use it as an ingredient.


A classic cocktail that you can use gold rum as an ingredient in, is the rum and coke. Simply substitute an ounce of gold rum for white or clear rum in a glass of cola and you have a new, simple twist on a popular cocktail. You can also try creating the favorite tropical drink, the Mai Tai, using gold rum substituted for clear rum.


To create a Mai Tai, you will need half a cup of pineapple juice, six tablespoons of sweet and sour mix, three tablespoons of light rum, three tablespoons of gold rum, three tablespoons of orange Curacao, two table spoons of dark rum, and ice. Mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher and pour into glasses filled with ice. Garnish the glasses with pineapple or orange slices and enjoy this delicious tropical cocktail.



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