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How to Make a Vesper Cocktail with Gordon’s Gin

Gin is a type of alcohol that a lot of people enjoy drinking. They make drink the gin on its own or combine it with other ingredients to create a gin cocktail. There is one fictional character that has made gin cocktails, especially the Vesper, very popular amongst gin lovers. James Bond has created a favorite drink for many people with his favorite gin martini recipe.


To create the Vesper cocktail for yourself, or your guests, you will need Gordon’s gin, vodka, angostura bitters, and Lillet Blanc. Fill a champagne glass with ice and water. In a cocktail shaker with ice, add one ounce of Lillet Blanc, a dash of Angostura bitters, one ounce of vodka, and three ounces of Gordon’s Gin. Shake well and then strain the mixture into the chilled champagne glass. Garnish with a lemon peel.


Gordon’s Gin is a type of dry gin that is considered to be a London dry gin. It is manufactured in the UK and a few other countries today by the company Diageo Plc. Created in 1769 by Alexander Gordon; Gordon’s Gin contains juniper berries, coriander, and angelica root as well as other botanicals. Gordon was from Scotland originally and he opened his first distillery in Southwark and later moved it to Clerkenwell. The original recipe that he developed is the same recipe that is used today to make the gin.


Gordon’s Gin is sold in a signature green bottle in the United Kingdom, but in other areas you can only find it in the clear bottle. It is also sold at a higher proof level in the United Kingdom than in other areas. Gordon’s Gin is the main product that the company produces, but you can also find other spirits available including sloe gin, vodka, and an aromatic gin called Distiller’s Cut.

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