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Grape Juice red

All about the grapefruit

When the grapefruit was first discovered in Barbados in the 18th century, it was actually referred to as the forbidden fruit. The fruit finally gained some popularity in the 19th century when certain states within the United States began growing and selling it. These states included Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas and even some areas of Mexico began growing it as well. The number one producer of the grapefruit is the United States and it is followed by China as the second, and South Africa as the third.

The fruit can be used in a number of dishes which is why it is such a popular side. You can make orange, lemon and grape fruit marmalade, grape fruit pie, or even ruby terrine with tea sauce. These fruits are also a popular choice for a breakfast side or snack replacement. Some people even opt to put sugar, salt, cottage cheese, or ice cream on it for a unique taste. These fruits also carry a huge list of advantages for keeping healthy and in shape.

A grapefruit is great source of antioxidants, and is also reported to be great for your heart and your skin. It is a low fat and nutritious source of food and is recommended by doctors to improve blood pressure and cholesterol. The truth is if you enjoy the bitter taste, the grape fruit can be an excellent way to improve your health and eating habits. We all know how important staying healthy is, especially with all of the temptations we have available today. It is much easier to drive through a fast food restaurant than go shopping for healthy a food which is why many people struggle with weight loss. Try a grape fruit and if you find you do not like it there are many other healthy fruits to choose.

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