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Go-Rin Sake

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Go-rin sake is an alcoholic drink produced by sun Masamune with Australian grown Japonica rice. It is one of the latest sensations in most world class cocktails. It is one of those drinks that go though a strict quality control process to give it its smooth balanced flavor. It uses sparkling wine years with water from the Blue Mountains. Most people who have taken this drink often describe it as a gentle and delicate drink. There are a number of varieties and styles of fresh sake available today. It is a good thing to mix with sake because it proves that you are ready to improve on a good thing.

Alcoholic Content in Go-Rin Sake

It is always important and advisable to know the alcoholic content of each and every drink that you take. This is because 80% of all alcohol that you take is absorbed in your small intestines while the rest 20% is absorbed in your stomach. Remember that you do not want to take more than you can hold. The alcoholic content of Go-Rin Sake is 14.5%. No alcoholic drink should be taken on an empty stomach. Also remember that you should never abuse alcohol or any alcoholic drink since the results will be disastrous. It is also important to remember that any alcohol that you take usually leave your body through the liver, lungs and kidneys.

Alcoholic Cocktails with Go-Rin Sake

You can either take Go-Rin sake on its own or with any meal. There are also a number of cocktails that can be enjoyed with this drink. Some of them are Bloody Mary-San, Blushing Geisha, Bogomip, Bonsai Buddy and several others. The preparation instructions are very easy to understand and also carry out. With most of them you will need to shake with ice and then simply sit back and enjoy your cocktail.

More Information on Go-Rin Sake

Most people and especially outside Japan have for a long time misunderstood Go-rin sake. There are about 1800 breweries that brew sake in Japan and about 10,000 brands of this drink. Most restaurants have now started serving this drink since they now want their customers to discover and approach this drink the same way they do other types of wine. People need to know that like all other wines this drink varies in style, quality, price and even on the raw materials used to prepare it.

This drink takes close to 1 month to brew this drink. There is fermented from grain which is the reason why most of its drinkers say that it is closer to beer than to wine. Other ingredients include yeast, water and a type of mould which is known as koji. This mould is what breaks down starch molecules to come up with sugar molecules. If you have never tasted this interesting drink, now is the time to do so. It is time you celebrate evolution and also show your respect on tradition. There is now a new type of Go-rin sake known as Aussie which is meant to increase the competition of the drink.

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