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A peek behind the history of Goldschlager

If you are a fan of schnapps liquor then you have to be familiar with Goldschlager. This Swiss made cinnamon schnapps has actual pieces of gold flakes floating around in the bottle with the liquor! However, before you try to scrape the flakes out you should know they are just novelty pieces are worth virtually nothing. Even though this cinnamon schnapps has its origins from the Swiss, it is actually made and produced in Italy now. Since the liquor has these floating flakes it has been subject to numerous urban myths throughout the years. For example, many people used to claim that the flakes would increase the rate at which you get intoxicated. People also used to say that the flakes would cut your throat if you drank them. Both of these are of course, false, but entertaining none the less.

While some people prefer to drink Goldschlager as a shot or straight, it can also be used as a mix to create many other drinks. Popular drinks like the Ginger bread man, the Arkansas Avalanche, Liquid Krytopnite, and the Golden Delicious are all ordered regularly by people of all ages at your local bars. This liquor is a bit thicker than other types like Whiskey or Vodka, so be sure it fits your tastes before ordering up a tall shot or glass.

The flakes of gold within the bottle typically weight around 24 karats and really create the bottle to be perfect for events. For example, during a 50th wedding anniversary we placed these bottles within a centerpiece as the theme was the golden anniversary. Depending on the size of bottle you are going to purchase you can find Goldschlager for $10 to $40 at your local super market or liquor store.

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