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Garlic Salt

Garlic Salt's Healthy Side


Garlic salt is a familiar additive to anyone who has spent some time in the kitchen and is sometimes just what a dish needs. Easy to make, one only needs salt, garlic, and some type of anti-caking substance such as calcium silicate and this can be a great addition to chili, especially when you have just run out of garlic! The salty, herby flavor goes great with fish, steak, chicken, soups, and stews. Vegetables benefit from it and I'm sure there is even a fruit that it goes well with. So it goes well with food, we have established, but what else is there to garlic salt?


For starters, garlic is an excellent broad-spectrum antibiotic! Broad-spectrum means that it targets all types, although not having a specific area in which to shine in the bacteria-fighting arena makes it less effective as a curative agent. It better to use garlic as a preventative than after an infection arises! This tasty, onion-like germ fighter has been used medicinally long enough to have been used to prevent or cure the Plague. More recent forms of folk medicinal uses include helping with acne and arthritis. Studies also show that it is a very strong fighter of stomach cancer and has been proven to help prevent the cold and influenza due to its antiviral properties. Athsma and congestion have also been known to be treatable merely by eating garlic or foods prepared with garlic. Overall, the intake of garlic promotes health in general, especially in its ability to lower cholesterol and fight disease, so why not incorporate more garlic in your meals? And what better way than using garlic salt?


So garlic salt is easy to make, tasty, and is packed full of garlic which is a great asset to your health. Now how do you choose your garlic for your garlic salt? Larger, more pungeant garlic is healthier and has a higher sulphur content, which means more medicinal value per ounce. As usual, organic garlic or locally-grown by private farms is the best way to go because not only will it be better for you, but it is also tastier! So the next pizza, roast, or vegetable mix you make, be sure to include garlic for taste and your health.


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