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Fernet Branca

Popular Uses Of Fernet Branca (Spirit)


Fernet Branca is a popular spirit characterized by an aromatic flavor and a bitter taste. It is used in different times of the day in various countries other than Italy and France where it is has its widest appeal. It is used for curative reasons as well as accompaniment to food or another beverage. Depending on its ingredients and the country of make, the bottled drink has many variations each with its own unique purpose and appeal.


Fernet Branca is made of many natural ingredients that are mixed in different proportions to give it a distinct flavor and separate it from other spirits. The natural ingredients change from one distiller to another, but two of the indispensable herbs used in it are myrrh and chamomile. These two components lend to it the medical quality of aiding in digestion when taken after one has eaten. Alcohol consists of nearly half of all the components of the spirit which makes it a mild but sufficiently bitter drink.


Some of the uses of the spirit derive from its components. Apart from helping in digestion, it also serves to treat abdominal discomfort and aids to relieve menstruation trouble in women. It is also taken to eradicate certain conditions like feeling tired all the time, and acts as stimulant for the baby to stop from crying regularly.


Fernet Branca is usually served  cold or warm depending on the season. During the summer many people prefer to have it ice cold whereas in other times of the year it can be used at optimum temperature. Many prefer to take it with coffee to add aroma to the home beverage.  Though mixing it  serves more in the capacity of popular culture than utility, there has been shown benefits of blending it with carbonated drinks to help solve gastrointestinal problems that they bring.


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