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Vodka Pears

Tasting Vodka Pears

There are hundreds of flavors of vodkas that include many different fruits. Vodka pears is a crisp flavor infused with pears that can be paired with various cocktails or enjoyed alone. The vodka industry is changing things up by adding flavors that people would normally have to get by adding sugary syrups or Schnapps to.

What Exactly Is Vodka Pears

Vodka pears is a vodka that has been infused with the flavor of cocktails, either naturally or artificially. There are many different brands available to get this infused vodka from including Absolut and Three Olives. More brands are adding to their lines every day so if you already have a preference in vodka, the likelihood of them having a pear flavored one is pretty high.


The flavor of the vodka is very mild and can be enjoyed by itself or in conjunction with other mix-ins. The vodka pears can easily be added to a glass of ice and then topped with either soda water or lemon-lime soda. You will be able to quickly detect the presence of the pear without overwhelming or muddling the flavor.

When you mix it with other drinks, you want to carefully choose any juices that you may have with it. Just as you wouldn't add chunks of pear into just any fruit cocktail, you want to follow the same rules with your vodka pears. Prickly pear juice will help to enhance the vodka and make for a delicious martini if the two are paired together with ice. You may even choose to add a little triple sec into the cocktail shaker as well.

Where to Find Vodka Pears

Vodka pears can be found anywhere that you will buy vodka. It is considered to be a specialty vodka so you will want to look where the other flavored vodkas are, including:

  • Liquor store
  • Online

If the liquor store you shop at doesn't have flavored vodkas, then you will need to go to a larger store where there is more variety or just shop online. There are many liquor stores online that have made it their specialty to bring all flavors of alcohol to the public.


The chances of you finding vodka pears at a restaurant are not very great. Many restaurants won't bother with a flavored vodka and if they do, it's going to be a more common flavor like lemon or apple. If the bar you go to specializes in martinis or have "mixologists" on staff instead of bartenders, then you may be in luck.


There is of course another place to find it if you don't mind waiting a day or two. That's right in your own home. The infusion process can be done everywhere, it's just more convenient to buy it pre-made. If you wanted, though, it can be done with a bottle of any regular vodka and a few freshly sliced pears. This will let you marinate the pears in the vodka to release the flavors and create your own. If you've ever had infused water, the same process goes for the vodka.


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