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Making Vandermint Juleps as a Perfect Choice for Every Summer Event


If you are from the south then you are sure to know about the popularity of mint juleps. These drinks are considered to be the best choice on hot and humid summer days as they offer a great way to cool down. However, one thing that you might not have heard about that is all the rage in some bars and clubs is the Vandermint Julep. 


Not only is this drink a great way to enjoy a special treat on a hot and steamy afternoon but it is also a drink that looks beautiful thanks to the floating presentation. A Vandermint Julep is something that everyone can make too as it is a very simple drink to create. 


Of course, this drink is one that should only be drunk by adults and those that are legally able to drink. It is a drink that should be drunk responsibly and people should consider making sure to have a designated driver if they are enjoying the drink and need to later get home. You have a lot of choices when it comes to delicious summertime drinks but a Vandermint Julep is really one of the best for anyone. 


This drink is simple to create. You will want to start with a highball or nine-ounce glass. Then you will want to make sure that the glass has been filled with ice. Crushed ice is always preferred as to cubes but if you do not have crushed available, then cubes can work. Next, you will want to add one ounce of Vandermint and one and a half ounces of bourbon. Then it is necessary to stir these two liquors together. 


The next step is to add fresh mint sprigs to the drink. Finally, you will float an additional half ounce of the Vandermint in the drink glass. You are now able to enjoy one of the best summertime drinks available.


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