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Vodka Citrus

Looking at Vodka Citrus

More and more distilleries and vodkas are adding flavor to their standard vodka. They do this by infusing fruit and other flavors inside to provide a unique taste and add to their product line. The advantage to the consumer is that it's usually one less ingredient that they have to buy. Plus, they get a great tasting drink in the process. Vodka citrus will use oranges, lemons, or limes to add an extra flavor so you can leave your juices and garnishes out of the equation.

Where to Find Vodka Citrus

Vodka citrus can be found in many different places. Because it is still a liquor, it's not going to be available just anywhere. You can find it in:

  • Online liquor stores
  • Local liquor shops
  • Restaurants

Online liquor stores, depending upon what your local store has, may be the better option because they will encompass more brands of vodka citrus. This is one of the more common flavors to add to vodka and so many vodka brands will carry it. Such brands include Three Olives, Absolut, and Smirnoff.

Restaurants are also beginning to use vodka citrus in their drinks more. It is a much more refreshing taste than standard vodka and takes out some of the harshness that the regular liquor brings to the table. High-end restaurants are beginning to employ mixologists rather than bartenders. This means that they are not only making drinks but creating drinks. Vodka citrus helps them to employ the ingredient in new ways than ever before.

What You Can Do with Vodka Citrus

There are many drinks that you can make with vodka citrus because of its profile. If you have ever used vodka and a citrus juice to make a drink, you can now use just the one ingredient and save yourself a little money and time in the process.


The alcohol has a flavoring already, so many people find it refreshing to drink over ice or in conjunction with either a soda water or lemon-lime soda. It can also be chilled and make a delightful shot all by itself.

One of the most common drinks to make with vodka citrus is the Cosmopolitan. The added citrus helps to bring out the flavors of the cranberry juice and the Grand Marnier more so that it is a much more vibrant flavor. Depending upon the ingredients that you have at home or the bartender who makes it for you, the vodka can be mixed with regular vodka or substituted entirely.


Vodka citrus is a delicious, refreshing vodka that's made by infusing the flavors of citrus into regular vodka. If you don't want to go to the store to by a brand of the citrus flavored vodka, you can choose to infuse some on your own. All you will need is a bottle of vodka and some fresh citrus that has been cut up. Empty the bottle into a pitcher, add the fruit and let it sit in the fridge for a day or two. The longer the fruit soaks, the more infused your vodka will become.

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